The Lignin Group is represented by faculty from a wide-range of disciplines

Dr. Andreas S. Bommarius

Projects: Organic Solvent Delignification
Building blocks from lignin oligomers
Production of adipic acid from catechol
Engineered Biosystems Building 5018
Phone: 404-385-1334
email: andreas.bommarius@chbe.gatech.edu
website: The Bommarius Group
profile: Andreas S. Bommarius (ChBE)

Dr. Yulin Deng


Projects: Electro-Chemical Depolymerization
Paper Tricentennial Building (RBI) 375
Phone: 404-894-5759
email: yulin.deng@rbi.gatech.edu
website: The Deng Group
profile: Yulin Deng (ChBE)

Dr. Ryan P. Lively


Projects: TBA
Ford ES&T Building 1220
Phone: 404-894-8795
email: ryan.lively@chbe.gatech.edu
website: The Lively Group
profile: Ryan P. Lively (ChBE)

Dr. Pamela Peralta-Yahya


Projects: Upgrading lignin monomers
Production of adipic acid from catechol
Molecular Sci & Eng. Building 2100P
Phone: 404-894-4228
email: pperalta-yahya@chemistry.gatech.edu
website: The Peralta-Yahya Group
profile: Pamela Peralta-Yahya (Chem)

Dr. Matthew J. Realff


Projects: Organic Solvent Delignification
Production of adipic acid from catechol
Ford ES&T Building L1228
Phone: 404-894-1834
email: matthew.realff@chbe.gatech.edu
profile: Matthew J. Realff (ChBE)

Dr. Carsten Sievers


Projects: Mechanocatalytic Depolymerization
Mechanocatalytic Conversion
Building blocks from lignin oligomers
Ford ES&T Building 2218
Phone: 404-385-7685
email: carsten.sievers@chbe.gatech.edu
website: The Sievers Group
profile: Carsten Sievers (ChBE)

Dr. Valerie Thomas


Projects: Building blocks from lignin oligomers
Groseclose Building 415
Phone: 404-385-7254
email: valerie.thomas@isye.gatech.edu
profile: Valerie Thomas (ISyE)

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