2018 Publications

AD Brittain, NJ Chrisandina, RE Cooper, M Buchanan, JR Cort, MV Olarte, C Sievers. Quenching of reactive intermediates during mechanochemical depolymerization of lignin, Catalysis Today, (2018) 302, 180. 


2017 Publications

X Du, W Liu, Z Zhang, A Mulyadi, A Brittain, J Gong, Y Deng. Low-energy catalytic electrolysis for simultaneous hydrogen evolution and lignin depolymerization, ChemSusChem, (2017) 10(5), 847. 

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Z Zhang, Y Zhang, Z Lin, A Mulyadi, W Mu, Y Deng. Butyric anhydride modified lignin and its oil-water interfacial properties, Chemical Engineering Science, (2017) 165, 55.


2015 Publications

W Liu, Y Cui, X Du, Z Zhang, ZS Chao and YL Deng. High efficiency hydrogen evolution from native biomass electrolysis, Energy & Environmental Science, (2015).

Lee, Y. Deng, Green polyurethane from lignin and soybean oil through non-isocyanate reactions,European Polymer Journal, (2015) 63, 67

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Earlier Publications

Nair, S. Sharma, Y. Pu, Q. Sun, S. Pan, Y. Zhu, Y. Deng, A. Ragauskas, High Shear Homogenization of Lignin to Nanolignin and Thermal Stability of Nanolignin-Polyvinyl Alcohol Blends, ChemSusChem, (2014) 7, 3513

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